Monday, November 15, 2010

The Perfect Gift

Article by: Lindsay Olson

As the holidays draw near, we know you might be a bit stressed about your shopping list. Well, the BuyWell team is here for you this holiday season! We’ve decided to relieve some of your stress by tackling that holiday shopping list of yours and providing you with a few fabulous gift ideas for that “hard to buy for” crowd.

The Guy Who Has Everything
You know the type: his garage is packed with every tool, car and shiny man-toy imaginable. He’s got every gadget and gizmo a-plenty, and he’s read every book ever written. What on earth do you get this guy?

How about coffee? For the guy who has everything, BuyWell’s Screaming Monkey blend is perfect! Why? Well, does he have a screaming monkey? We didn’t think so. Plus, its wild, fruity flavor will give him just the kick he needs to start his day. How else will he find the energy to play with all of his toys?

The HumanitarianShe’s compassionate, energetic, cares about every person on the planet, and is the mother of twenty-seven. While she’s well traveled, highly educated and deeply concerned about the issues facing the world today, she is also incredibly hard to shop for this time of year.

The answer: Café Hope, BuyWell’s fair-trade single origin straight from the female farmers of Peru. This dark roast is the perfect blend of flavor and hope, as proceeds from each bag go directly to the women who farm these fabulously golden beans. Café Hope is not only a delicious treat for your loved one; it’s a gift that helps make the world a better place. What more could you ask for?

The “Returner”Last year, you got her a pair of mittens…which she exchanged for a new purse. The year before, you gave a gorgeous cashmere sweater…which she returned for credit toward Jimmy Choos. You can’t win with this one. Every year, she returns your gift for something “better.”

But what could possibly be better than a fragrant bag of BuyWell’s Luna Perfetta? This rich, full-bodied Italian roast is as sumptuous as it is uncomplicated (unlike, perhaps, the recipient). A cup of Luna Perfetta goes perfectly with gorgeous eyes and great conversation underneath a perfect moon. Trust us; it doesn’t get better than that.

The Workaholic (aka The Over-Achiever)Let’s be honest: you’ll be lucky if this guy even shows up for the celebrations this year. He is the successful and driven member of the family—which is code for “always at the office.” But you love him anyway, and want to see him succeed.

Which is why a gift basket with fair-trade products, including BuyWell’s Blackbird Espresso, is the perfect way to help him achieve his goals this holiday season. Blackbird Espresso is not only great coffee, it’s also excellent business! Since all of BuyWell’s products are fair-trade, each purchase promotes good business practices world-wide. That driven overachiever of yours will not only appreciate the delicious flavor of Blackbird Espresso, he’ll also recognize your business-savvy. (Careful, though…he may start inviting you to board meetings.)

So…get the idea? It’s a simple fact: BuyWell coffees are the perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for folks, as well as the rest of them! And while you’re at it, get yourself a treat, too. After all, you’ve earned it! Check out BuyWell on Amazon for great deals on 3 packs!

Want some more ideas for fair-trade gifts? Check out our list of vendors here.

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