Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now in Whole Foods!

The day before Thanksgiving is the single busiest day of the year for grocery stores.

Today was a big day for us, too! I went with Becca to stock our coffee at the Pikes Peak Whole Foods store on Academy. This was a risky move, not because of the immense traffic in the aisles or the barrage of questions from natural foods enthusiasts, but because Becca is the clumsiest person I know.

The store was abuzz with holiday shoppers looking for things like Gluten Free dinner rolls, turbinado sugar, and non-hydrogenated cool-whipesque products.

I was not much help in directing shopper traffic. I'm just a monkey. I told them where to find the Fair Trade bananas.

Mostly, I was amazed at how many people stopped me to ask where the coffee grinder is. All I could do was smile and offer apologies for my grinder ignorance. I really thought that people either bought whole bean coffees to grind at home or pre-ground coffees to save them the trouble.

So here's the news, buried at the bottom of the blog: Yours Truly now sits on shelves in Whole Foods. Come see me soon!

--scReaMing mOnkEy

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Jeff said...

My wife and I found your coffee in Whole Foods tonight and we are both thrilled with BuyWell. We bought both the french roast and the fuego. I thought to myself as I started scanning through the rows of blends and roasts and landed on your packaging, "why have I not seen this before?" So I picked it up and read the description containing the words blueberry and brownie batter. The fair trade and renewable energy logo's intrigued me and as I flipped the bag to the side and noticed that it was a local company I grew even more eager to give it a try. The description of the flavor is remarkably accurate in capturing the smooth, rich taste of the fuego roast. My wife is a sugar and cream person and made the comment that she could drink it black because of how smooth it was, and as a black coffee man, I found it to be one of - if not the best that I've had. Thank you for the great craftsmanship and especially for doing business this way. For what it's worth, taking care of the environment and of the growers and their families means a lot to us and you've earned my respect as a responsible coffee drinker for life. I can't wait to try the rest of your products and I look forward to my next cup.